Thor’s Hammer Woodworking Mallets from around the World ~ limited edition species. ~ 2020 50% off!

Thor’s Hammer Woodworking Mallets from around the World with a huge ½ price sale of limited edition species.
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HALFPRICE2020 at checkout. Use all caps, and make it one word, as shown. You will then get 50% off your entire purchase of mallet(s)!!

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These Species can be used for the handle or the head of any size mallet. They come from all over the world and include:
Bocote, one of the most figured woods in the world.
Cocobolo, the rarest and most beautiful of all the Rosewood Family.
East Indian Rosewood, the Exotic Rosewood that has been in demand since the 1500’s.
Ebony, The hardest and rarest of the black woods.
Leopardwood, beautiful exotic that is names after the spots of a leopard.
Lignum Vitae, the heaviest, densest wood on the planet, very rare.
Osage Orange, a beautiful yellow-orange exotic.
Padauk, an African treasure with deep blood red color.
Purpleheart, a South American wood whose heartwood is rich purple.
Redheart, a vibrant pink to deep red rare species.
Wenge, a beautiful black and brown striped wood that is rich in texture.

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